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5 Secrets For Finding Hotel Bargains!

hotel bargains

Budget travellers and backpackers have got booking cheap accommodation to a T: for a week’s stay in a foreign city, they might find an apartment or some other transient room for a few days, then find a dorm room somewhere en route to their next port of call. This is all well and good, but what if you really want to experience the luxury and added perks (ie. gym, jacuzzi, breakfast buffet, heated pool etc) that a hotel provides?

Booking a room in a hotel may sometimes make people cringe out of worry for their money, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways to find hotel bargains your wallet would love so you can have the best of both worlds: luxury and savings. We’ll let you in on five secrets on how to sniff these out.

Coupon codes, vouchers and discount cards can slash pounds off hotel room prices.

Using coupons, vouchers and gift cards to get discounts on products and services has grown in popularity over the years, and you can do the same when booking rooms at a hotel. Some hotels offer their own coupons, while third-party booking sites would also have theirs.

Club memberships, loyalty programs and airline miles can score you cheaper rooms.

Warehouse clubs, credit cards (it’s good to check out the best zero percent interest credit cards), professional organizations, and airline mileage programs often have offers for discounts on hotels and travel packages. Check your memberships and subscriptions to see the perks you’re entitled to, such as 10 percent off bookings, or using your loyalty and mileage points towards slashing pounds or dollars off hotel room prices.

hotel bargains

Have luxury for less with secret hotels.

Here’s another secret about finding hotel bargains: you can get up to 50 percent off a room in a luxury hotel through secret hotel deals. Secret or mystery hotel rooms are empty rooms, often in unnamed luxury hotels, that are being sold at a reduced price. The catch? You’re not told beforehand which hotel you’ll be rooming in—this is the secret part. It’s kept a mystery because a hotel’s reputation may suffer if other guests find out you’ve been directly offered a big discount, and they were not! Don’t worry, you’ll know which hotel it is after paying the reservation fee. Deals for secret hotel rooms often offer the cheapest rate, landing you a bargain on your hotel stay. The mystery adds to the excitement, too.

Schedule a midweek stay and negotiate.

Weekends are peak days at hotels, so if you want to save money it would be wise to stay in a hotel in the middle of the week. Many hotels offer discounts on room rates and services (such as a whole body massage, buffet lunch, or room service) from Sunday to Thursday.

You can buy discounted room reservations.

“Something came up” is often the reason behind why appointments, meetings, dates, and planned trips are cancelled. You can thank that something, whatever it is, for helping you get cheaper hotel rooms. How? There are travelers who are stuck with hotel room reservations they can’t cancel, and instead of the reservations—and their money—going to waste, they sell and transfer the reservations for a lower price. There are websites connecting these travelers with folks like you, and you can get up to 70 percent in discounts on hotel rooms.

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