5 Cities for Stunning Architecture

Everyone travels for different reasons. Some people seek out new culinary delights; some learn about the history of their latest destination and some look for places to play their favourite sport. And some people love to marvel at the feats of architecture found the world over. Countries all over the world have amazing pieces of architecture by famed architects. And many people can spend hours walking around these awesome buildings. But some cities and countries seem to have more than their fair share of stunning architecture, both historical and modern. If you’re a fan of buildings so beautiful they can make you weep, check out these cities for some intimidatingly good structures.


Some travellers prefer modern architecture, but for many, it’s all about history. Athens is packed full of structures built over the last few thousand years. In fact, it’s one of the world’s oldest cities and holds several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Visit the Acropolis to see the amazing Parthenon, one of the several structures on the site that dates back to the fifth century BC. There’s much more to see in Athens too, including more architecture and vibrant modern nightlife.


Dubai is a city that’s continually in development. If Athens is a bit too old and dusty for you, you’ll find something more to your taste in this United Arab Emirates city. Dubai has an estimated 25% of the world’s cranes constantly working in the city. Stay at what might be the world’s only 7-star hotel, the Burj al Arab, which is also the world’s tallest. You can also find the world’s first underwater hotel, Hydropolis and the world’s tallest building, the skyscraper Burj Dubai.


If you’re looking for colour, you won’t find many places more colourful than Barcelona. You probably recognise some of the work of Antoni Gaudi, which you can find all around the city. You should also check out two buildings by Lluis Domenech I Montaner: the Hospital de Sant Pau and the Palau de la Musica Catalana. Both of these buildings are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Istanbul is another city full of history, which has been influenced by many different cultures over hundreds of years. Start with the ancient part of the city, still partially surrounded by the Walls of Constantinople from the fifth century. A popular building to visit is the beautiful Hagia Sofia, as well as the Basilica cistern, which was built in the same early-Byzantine period. Find an Istanbul hotel to stay as close to the amazing architecture as possible.


Shanghai is in fast development, with new buildings being approved all the time. In the Pudong district, the downtown area, you’ll find the city’s tallest building, the Jin Mao Tower. Along the waterfront, you’ll find architecture in a more colonial style. But this is being replaced with a more modern feel, exemplified by the Shanghai Grand Theatre and the World Financial Centre.

Whether you’re looking for history or buildings of the future, you’ll never get bored looking for architecture all over the world.

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