3 Tips for Finding Affordable New York City Hotels

The Big Apple, as New York City is called, is a major tourist location. Times Square is one of the most popular destinations in the United States. The city’s skyline is beautiful to look at from observation points at and after sunset. Many hotels have clear views of the Statue of Liberty. While mentioning the city’s name itself screams expensive, you can still find a hotel to fit your budget.

Stay Just outside the City’s Center

The closer you are to the heart of New York City, the more expensive the hotels are. This is mainly due to their convenient locations to major fine dining restaurants, exclusive New York City shopping, and entertainment.
Consider staying on the outskirts of the city. Luxury accommodations are still available but at more affordable prices. This may mean relying on public transportation and taxi services and eliminating the necessity of a rental vehicle.

Book Well in Advance

As with booking airfare, booking hotels far in advance helps you find better deals. Some hotels do not estimate occupancies at specific times of the year, so there is little price fluctuation in that respect. It is ideal to begin your search for a hotel as soon after making the decision to visit the city is made as possible.

Plan around Major Events

New York City hosts many major events such as celebrity awards shows, New Year’s Eve celebrations, Thanksgiving festivities, and major entertainment events. Hotels typically raise room rates for these events as the date nears. Visiting just before or just after these events is beneficial for finding affordable hotels in New York City.

If you must visit NYC during major event periods, try to stay further away from the excitement. Also, use comparison websites to view the variations in price for multiple hotels at one time. This shows you the different services and price breaks for dozens of hotels.

It helps to create a checklist of needs when searching for affordable hotels in this big city. The list will help you break down exactly what you have to have to be comfortable during your stay. Use this checklist to narrow down your search and find the best hotels for your budget and compare those against additional discounts that you can apply to your stay.

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