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  • macau
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    Exciting Casino Destinations Around The World


    If you are a fan of gambling and travelling, why not combine both your passions?  Although taking a trip to the local casino will still provide you much of the excitement and buzz you need; imagine how much more exciting it would be to visit a casino in a foreign land, where extravagance is taken…

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    Dubai, Featured

    5 Cities for Stunning Architecture


    Everyone travels for different reasons. Some people seek out new culinary delights; some learn about the history of their latest destination and some look for places to play their favourite sport. And some people love to marvel at the feats of architecture found the world over. Countries all over the world have amazing pieces of…

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    B&Bs – Why People Often Prefer Them to Hotels


    Although the vast majority of people up and down this beautiful country do enjoy staying in the lap of luxury in a hotel with all the mod cons, special features and amenities; I have discovered that there is a growing trend in people opting out of staying in hotels and picking B&Bs instead.  Although they…

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    Hotel Comparison and Booking Websites


    Since the economic slump that occurred in the last decade, price comparison sites have become hugely popular with people looking to secure the best deals on anything from insurance to games consoles, cars, flights and even hotels now.  There are also booking sites that claim to save you money and take the hassle out of…

  • Vegas
    America, Luxury, Tips, Travel

    What to do in Vegas!

    One of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA, visited by many thousands of people from across the world, is Las Vegas, and it is a very special place indeed. The saying ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ is a much-used Hollywood cliché, but it also gives a good idea of what this…

  • Marrakech
    Europe, Tips, Travel

    7 Things to do in Marrakech

      Author Riad Al Loune   Marrakech is a huge city in Morocco, very beloved by tourists from all over the world. It offers a huge amount of wonderful places to see and things to do: let’s find out the 7 most interesting ones 1. Jamaa el Fna Square You could ask everyone, and they…

  • hotel

    Bike friendly hotels

    Push bike holidays are becoming more popular, especially in Europe. Making your hotel or friendly for bikes is a massive plus and can help bring in that little extra bit of business for you. One of the most popular routes to cycle in the UK is the coast to coast bike ride. This starts in…

  • hotel
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    The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Hotel

    It doesn’t matter what a destination is like if you book a fantastic hotel. You simply close the door to relax, unwind and just enjoy all the freedom of the vacation. So, to make sure you select the right accommodation for your needs, read these top tips to booking a hotel. Exceptional Customer Service Great…

  • travel
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    How to Pack for TSA

      Traveling by air has gotten harder since the terrorist attacks begun. This has made packing for traveling a challenge. While packing you not only have to ensure you are following the guidelines of the airlines but now you have TSA (Transportation Security Administration) regulations to follow. The TSA guidelines are very strict. There are…

  • African Safari Experience
    Africa, Tips, Travel

    Stunning 21-Day African Safari Experience

    Even in the 21st century, there is something magical and mysterious about Africa. This vast, wonderful continent, with its sprawling deserts, amazing great lakes, glorious mountains and wealth of fabulous cities and towns, is quite unlike anywhere else on Earth, and the sheer variety of culture and history across the continent is unrivalled. The best…

  • mountaineer
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    Winter Activities in Armenia

    In collaboration with Arara Tour   In Armenia, the hospitable country of the South Caucasus, any season is beautiful in its own way. Summer is sunny and hot; autumn is beautiful with its colors and the warm and gentle sun rays. In winter, many regions of the country are covered with white fluffy snow, which silvers…

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  • burj-khalifa

    Great Reasons To Visit Dubai

        In the past couple of decades, Dubai has become a very popular holiday destination. The reason for this is perhaps the unique mixture of different experiences you can have all from the same place.  If you are looking for a very relaxing type of holiday, Dubai is ideal; whereas if you are looking…

  • spiderman

    Spider-man 2016

        The release of Captain America: Civil War highlights a battle between Marvels famed characters Tony Stark (Ironman) and Steve Rogers (Captain America) and many other recognisable Marvel favourites such as Hawkeye and Black Widow. This particular film in the series brings up an unexpected character. The appearance of Spider-Man stirs up the excitement…

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    Luggage Shopping – Tips for Buying Your Most Important Travel Accessory

    Buying a new set of luggage, or just a few individual pieces here and there, can really start to add up in price so it’s important to ensure that you’re getting a good deal. By doing your research ahead of time, you can not only avoid paying too much, but you can also do as…

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